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Award-winning magician, Jeff Quinn is the ideal solution to your entertainment needs.  Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Jeff is only a day's drive or less from Denver, Kansas City, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Indianapolis and other major cities.  He is also available to do shows from coast to coast.


Jeff doesn't just do magic tricks for your  guests, he entertains them.  Each show contains lots of audience participation, plenty of clean adult humor and, of course, fun magic.  Jeff's show has been described as "an adult show you can bring your kids to."


But that's not all.  Jeff Quinn can also customize the show with humor, references and routines to fit your company or industry. Jeff has been customizing shows for corporations and organizations for nearly 25 years.  


Do you need something unique and exciting to draw people to your trade show booth?  Jeff Quinn doesn't just have the answer, he is the answer.  During his entertaining presentation, he can showcase your products or services, use your company slogans and even color-coordinate his act to match your company colors.  When you hire Jeff Quinn, you aren't hiring a cookie-cutter're hiring an entertainer who puts the spotlight on you and your company.


Whether your company event is in Omaha or Oahu, you can count on Jeff Quinn to give you the same incredible entertainment he's provided for such companies as Berkshire Hathaway, Southwest Airlines, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Kawasaki, to name a few.  

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