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My Hypnosis Show

Many times people are very nervous about hiring me for a hypnosis show. And it's not just me, it's ANY hypnotist.


I think it's because they've most likely seen a hypnotist at a comedy club or bar and that's their only exposure to hypnosis. Bar and comedy club hypnotists tend to be dirty, lewd and offensive. In a bar setting, it might be fun to see people acting like strippers, shouting profanities or having sex with a chair. However, when it comes to doing shows for companies or younger audiences, that sort of show is out of line.

If you choose me as a hypnotist for your event, I can guarantee you a few things. First of all, the show will be clean. I don't give any dirty suggestions in my show and if somebody under hypnosis starts to go down that road, I shut them down immediately. I can also guarantee you that all of my volunteers will be treated with respect. Last but not least, I always make sure that my volunteers are safe. I'm always watching for potential problems. I was trained many years ago by some of the top names in the Stage Hypnosis world and I learned how to do things properly. One thing that was stressed during my training is to always take the high road when it comes to hypnosis. I remember very clearing being told that "it doesn't take any talent to do a dirty show."

So that's what you can expect when you hire me as your hypnotist. Clean, fun entertainment that your group will enjoy.

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