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Hiring a Hypnotist

Magic and hypnosis may seem similar, but they are two entirely different animals. I've often said that a magic show is physically more strenuous for me, whereas a hypnosis show is mentally more strenuous. With a magic show, I know what's going to happen and when it's going to happen. I can also pretty accurately predict the reactions I'm going to get from the audience.

On the other hand, a hypnosis show is unpredictable because I'm not the entertainer...the volunteers are. I'm more of a ringmaster who sets the tone and keeps things rolling. But it all boils down to how fun the volunteers are. As the hypnotist, it's my job to bring out the creativity in my volunteers to provide a great show.

I am very fortunate to have been trained by some of the top stage hypnotist in the world, including Ormond McGill, who was considered to be the "Dean of American Hypnotists." I feel that formal training is important for hypnosis and I would urge everyone to make sure any hypnotist they hire has that training under their belt.

It's also important that you get a hypnotist who does clean and unoffensive routines. I hear stories all the time about companies who hire a hypnotist that turns the bosses wife into a stripper or has people shouting obscenities. When I was undergoing training, one thing that my teachers said was that it takes no talent to do a dirty show. When you hire me, you can count on a clean, unoffensive show.


On occasion a volunteer may tend to do or say something offensive without any prodding from me. Should that happen, I always try to lead the show back to being "clean" as quickly as possible.

So, if you're looking ahead to your company holiday party, know that I'll use my training and 15+ years of experience to deliver a great hypnosis show for your company.

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