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A Magical Night in Kansas City

Most people think that my job is to entertain people. To a degree, that's true, but I see it as much more than that. If you hire me for your event, my job is to make YOU look good.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a company in Kansas City. I'm not going to mention names because I respect their privacy. They were having a big meeting that brought in people from around the country as well as from Canada and Mexico. It was a big event and the coordinator wanted things to be perfect. She and I agreed on an hour of strolling magic during the cocktail hour and an hour long magic show after dinner. Two weeks before the event, she asked if I could incorporate a company theme into the show. No problem. I'm pretty versatile.

Last night I showed up to the event at a very nice hotel in Kansas City. I showed up well ahead of time and met with the coordinator and went over some last minute details. Throughout the evening, I noticed that she was rather tense. She was running around, talking with the waitstaff and doing everything she could to make sure things were perfect. She was doing an excellent job. I sat next to her at dinner and as we chatted, I could feel her tension ease a little. She was starting to trust that I would do a good job for her.

And that IS my make her, and YOU look good. The audience last night was wonderful. They had just the right amount to drink and were in a good mood. I started off with some real eye-opening magic as I normally do, then worked into some audience interaction and getting some volunteers on stage with me. My ad-libs and observational humor was right on target and got some great laughs. Several times during the show, I looked over at the coordinator and saw her laughing, too. It was so nice to see her stress put on the back burner for a little while.

The show ended and I took my bow. The audience applauded. Then I asked for a round of applause for the coordinator who worked so hard behind the scenes to pull everything together. She got the recognition she deserved. After the show, I was talking with her and the President of the company came over to thank me for giving them such a wonderful show. The coordinator got some credit from him, too.

That's what I do. i entertain and I make you look good.

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